You just couldn’t resist – could you. So, because you’re curious, we’ll tell you a bit more about ourselves. Does the text looks long? Read quickly, and it’ll feel shorter….

We are a small, flexible and rapid team of people with our feet on the ground and our gaze over the horizon. We are convinced that group intelligence is vastly superior to that of the individual. Smart and elegant solutions arise when people who work together are open, honest and share their expertise and their ideas. That’s when it’s possible to work in a way that is smarter, faster and more effective.

In brief, there are some things that Mina Bästa Polare takes pride in:

  • We say what we think and we mean what we say.
  • We don’t give advice that we wouldn’t follow.
  • We live for committed brands and get results.
  • We stand firm when others give up, but we never stand still.
  • We don’t read minds but we are good at listening (to both you and your customers).
  • We gladly toss away accepted truths and demolish conventions.
  • We aren’t young enough to know everything.
  • We don’t let good get in the way of fantastic.
  • We always keep the door open and never hesitate to take on a challenge.