That alone is never strong. Our success factor is and always will be the motivation that grows from working together. We are friends who live for our craft and who breathe communication.

Do you want to talk success? Get in touch with one of us, so choose the one you think looks best… (NB! Choose someone in the top row).

Project manager /web designer /UX designer who gets involved in almost everything.

Background: MSc in Business and Economics, systems developer, seven years in advertising.

Leisure interests: Snowboarding, exercising a Rhodesian ridgeback and golf. All of these take place in forested terrain, voluntarily or not.

Marcus Thorhuus

010 - 455 91 96



Project manager and digital strategist with a penchant for statistics and social media.

Background: MSc in Business and Economics, advertising eight years in advertising.

Leisure interests: Roadcycling and alpine experiences are alternated with family activities such as even more skiing.

Christer Hillörn

010 - 455 91 94




Micke Olsson

010 - 455 91 92


Creative director with a passion for details.

Background: Economy/advertising/information (Schartau and RMI Berghs). Twenty-five years in advertising (Stockholm/Åre/Östersund).

Leisure interests: Skiing downhill and on the flat, golf and the gym or arts, culture and R&R in my holiday home in Singö, Roslagen.

Fredrik Östberg

070 - 543 04 66


Programmer/web developer who is passionate about communication – pixel perfect isn’t good enough!

Background: Nine years of systems and web development (Östersund). Four as technical manager at an e-learning company (Stockholm).

Leisure interests: I don’t have too much leisure, but when I do I’m usually abroad.

Jimmy Prydz

010 - 455 91 91



Web programmer/Javascript wizard.

Background: Hobby programming from an early age.

Leisure interests: Sea fishing in Norway when the chance is there, and trips to the south.

Pontus Persson



Web programmer.

Bakgrund: Inflyttad rospigg som jobbat med webbutveckling sedan 2008.

Fritid: Utomhusaktiviteter som håller adrenalinet på vettiga nivåer.

Jens Davidsson


Digital strateg / kommunikatör / föreläsare / innehållsmästare som alltid tjatar om koncepten.

Bakgrund: Strategisk kommunikation & pr på Berghs SoC. PR-konsult, marknadschef, digital kommunikationsspecialist.

Fritid: Tokig i kaffe, lagar mat över öppen eld och uppfostrar nästa generations supermänniskor tillsammans med fru Wickström.

Hampus Wickström

010 - 455 91 93


UX/UI Designer

Nick Coloman



Fredrik Mattiasson



Nils Wasell